Thomas E. Hodges, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education at the University of South Carolina


In August 2012, Thomas Hodges joined the Instruction and Teacher Education faculty at the University of South Carolina. He currently serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Previously, Hodges served as coordinator of Elementary Education programs, as well as Chair of the Department of Instruction and Teacher Education. From 2009–2012, Hodges was a faculty member at Western Carolina University where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics education to elementary and middle grades majors, as well as coordinating the graduate programs in elementary and middle grades education. Previous to working in higher education, Hodges previously taught mathematics in Nashville, TN.

Dr. Hodges’ research centers on how teachers view their roles as teachers of mathematics in relation to local and global expectations of mathematics instruction. He also conducts research on the development of beliefs, attitudes, and dispositions towards mathematics teaching and learning among pre-service elementary teachers, which can then inform the design and assessment of mathematical experiences for pre-service teachers.