B2B Application

 B2B Supplier Matchmaker Information (Indirect and Direct)

Below is the application form for the Aerospace B2B Supplier Matchmaker event at the SC Aerospace Conference. Your responses will help OEM and Tier 1 aerospace companies as they review potential suppliers prior to the B2B Matchmaker event. This information will be confidential for OEM and Tier 1 procurement staff only, and will not be further disseminated to any other individual, company or other organization. The B2B Supplier Matchmaker is open to all firms, but each participant must complete the application below and must be registered for at least the October 9th conference badge, which can be found here.

  • June 1: Online supplier applications open on SC Aerospace Conference website
  • August 24: Supplier Applications are due
  • September 25: You will receive your schedule of meetings from SCDOC
  • October 9: B2B held during SC Aerospace Conference & Expo

OEM and Tier 1 companies will have the opportunity to pre-select companies with whom they wish to meet, and matchmaker time slots will be assigned prior to the event. Any remaining open time slots will be allocated on a “first-come, first served” basis through an online registration process.

You may also email AerospaceB2B@sccommerce.com with any questions you might have.