Arturs P. Bergs

Project Engineer, McNair 


Arturs Bergs grew up near Philadelphia and earned his BS from Drexel University in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Aerospace. Wanting to try living in a different part of the country, he moved to Atlanta and began work at TIGHitco as a Design Engineer. The versatility of 3D printing is what inspired him to pursue this field in his spare time. This led him to develop the use of 3D printing for the TIGHitco engineering department and the manufacturing floor.

In 2015, he joined the research team at McNAIR as a Project Engineer to explore the idea of continuous carbon fiber 3D printing for the aerospace industry. Here he has focused on developing the filament production systems and end effectors to print with. Alongside his research partner, he’s led the team to develop a functioning 7 axis continuous fiber 3D printing system and is one of the leaders industrializing this new technology for TIGHitco.